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Dog Walker at the Park



Meet our Ambassadors!

Helen Masters Dog Training

Helen Masters Dog Training 

Lisa Jordan 

Sue Dennison

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Find Out More
Lisa Jordan
Sue Dennison

Helen Masters 

Helen Masters is a fully qualified Dog Behaviourist, rehabilitator and trainer offering a wealth of experience with all types of dogs with all sorts of behaviour issues. She is a pet owner of an array of animals along with being a keen horse rider.

07751711191 or  07543461293


Lisa Jordan 

Lisa is Kennel Club qualified agility judge, she is also a canine sports instructor and Hoopers judge & instructor. In 2018 Lisa and one of her dogs won a Gold medal at PAWC in the UK, a year later in 2019 she won a silver medal in Spain with the same dog who is retired now at 13 years old! In 2022 Lisa and her dog Switch went to Italy to the PAWC and won two Gold medals and a Silver, they were crowned the Overall World Champions! The same year Lisa's dog Amp won Gold and Silver. 2023 was a good year for both of her dogs too, Amp won Gold, a Silver and a 10" placing to finish Overall Runner up in the Netherlands, as well as wining a Gold and Silver medal with Stitch.  Amp & Switch are also successful Hoopers dogs in the Uk. Both of the dogs are fulled by the best raw food!

Sue Dennison

"I have lived, loved and worked with dogs all my life. I am a degree qualified behavioural consultant and enjoy dealing with a full range of behavioural issues. I am a qualified agility instructor and judge, competing myself at the highest level including being a part of Team GB. Scent-work is another canine training I'm involved with. Non doggy pursuits include horse riding and pilates."

Dog paw print

Raw Pet Foods are honoured and proud to sponsor 3 guide dog puppies. Get to know more about Rupert, Bonnie and Margo below!

Guide Dogs 

a Puppy 




She's such a loveable dog. She enjoys training and her easy going yet keen nature means she gets along with everyone. 

Hannah, Margo's Trainer 

Ruperts such a funny boy, he's always making me laugh! He loves having zoomies and free runs in the countryside.


Jane, Rupert's Partner  

She has the sweetest personality - she is so affectionate and loves a cuddle! She"s an energetic pup, very playful and the most confident puppy I've raised. 

Caroline, Bonnies Raiser 

Dog on raw diet
Blind dog
blind dog
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